For sale: chunky

I finger-crocheted this beanie last year using three strands of yarn: thick Australian wool, some synthetic yarn, and cotton. It’s very thick and warm! Finger-crocheting is crocheting without a hook, instead using your finger, as the name suggests!

Sold items: Cub beanie

A little while ago I made this beanie on commission for my sister’s husband’s godson. It is a cub beanie because it doesn’t have a mane, which suits the baby who is still very small!! Thanks to my sister for taking the photos and the parents for allowing me to put them online 🙂

Wedding Blanket

Last weekend, we had the first wedding in the family. My older sister got married, and now her handsome husband is my first brother-in-law ❤ Don’t they both look great? His pseudonym on this blog will henceforth be “The Gazelle”, because they did a reading from Song of Solomon that was something along these lines:…

For sale: Crocheted TARDIS

I designed this myself. The writing on the sign on the door and on the little circle is genuine. I thought with the new season and new Doctor it was a good time to finish up and put this creation out in the world. Unfortunately I’m not clever to be able to document properly when…

From the Archive: Beanie (sold)

When I was in Arnhem Land a few months ago, my friends Dr Hippie and Unshaven Intellectual were going on a trip to Melbourne. Having lived in the Top End for a few years, they were absolutely terrified of the cold May weather. So I sold them some beanies. This is the one their son…

New Crocheted Work: Commissioned Camel

Last December I had a market stall at the Bend and Snap Market. A lady there asked if I could crochet a camel. A few days ago, I finally finished it! This little guy will be in the post very soon. Made from handspun (by me) and wool I’ve had so long its origins have…

New Crocheted Work: Scarf (Gift)

This is a scarf I made for my Grandma. This is obviously not her… Still waiting for the new owner to model it! Thanks Sophie for modelling! Made from 100% Aussie wool from the Wangaratta Wool Mill.