Our Amazing Fragile (?) Home


Photo: Seedlings in my garden


“I wonder what it would be like to love the world again so much that we are unable to ignore climate change because the world is crying out for us to love her again” – Sarah Bessey (from her latest newsletter)
Environmental destruction is often talked about in terms of taking care of our precious, fragile earth.
A song we sing at church has a line ‘take care of the earth, our amazing fragile home’.
But here is the reality. The earth is not fragile. It has been here for quite some time. It has seen a LOT of changes. It has been here long, long before humans made our home here.
And if we destroy it to the extent that we can no longer live here, the human race will die out, but I am sure the earth will remain.
Even if fires, floods, catastrophes and or nuclear warfare wiped us out, our earth would remain. Just like weeds creep into abandoned, destroyed houses, nature has a way of reclaiming what is hers.
The earth can survive without us. But I don’t think she wants to.
People sometimes refer to our planet as Mother Earth. Let’s ponder that for a moment.
A mother gives birth to a child. She loves and nourishes the child. She raises the child and gives him every good thing she has to offer.
When the child grows up, the natural thing is for him to remain in relationship with his mother. To enjoy her love. To love her back.
But what if he doesn’t? Instead of loving her, he hurts her. She tells him to stop. She forgives him and gives him more chances. But he keeps hurting her with his self-destructive ways.
Eventually she cannot be in relationship with him anymore. She still loves him more than life itself but she cannot stick around to be hurt over and over again.
She lets the child go. The child follows his path of self destruction to his inevitable downfall.
And the mother remains. She is fierce and strong. Broken-hearted and bruised, but still here. Mourning her beloved child.
Mother Earth will survive this catastrophe. But I don’t think this is how she wants things to be. I think she wants to pour love on us and give us every good thing she has to offer. I think she wants us to love her back.

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