As the days go by

I am sitting at the Front, a cafe where they let you buy one thing and sit for hours. The only downside of studying here is that when I don’t have a study buddy I have to abandon my laptop to use the facilities. However, my laptop is a 2009 Dell, so I doubt the hipster crowd would bother stealing it. The only way you could get money from it is if you sold the parts to the tip. No, even then they would probably charge you to dispose of them.

I am thinking about January, when I was sitting in this same cafe. I spent two weeks in a swirl of thoughts, which I jotted down incoherently. I was reading up on my topic. I didn’t manage to read more than one paper a day. But my notes were detailed. This morning, I finished writing the literature review that came out of that daze, which occured so long ago. There was something satisfying about taking something which had seemed so unwieldy and unsolvable and breaking it down into logical discussion points.

It is also strange to think that my days seemed so unproductive and numerous then. Now I have to fill my days to the brim, because each one of them brings me closer to the deadline. I mean, that has always been the case, but when you can also count time until deadline in terms of weeks, the days seem cheaper. I can’t even say it’s two weeks until deadline. Monday two weeks from yesterday.

The good news is that I’m on track, and I’m managing to work a lot each day, meaning that each day brings me closer in content as well as in time.

I am really looking forward to having a more balanced life, though, and being the kind of person who replies to text messages, and emails, and deals with paperwork instead of piling it in the corner. I even have unopened mail. It’s from the Smith Family, but still.

I feel better now I’ve done some non-thesis writing. 🙂


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