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At the moment I have a specific form of writer’s block. I will explain this with a very disgusting poo story. You have been warned! So there is writer’s block, which is typically understood as not having any ideas, or not being able to write when confronted with the blank piece of paper or that incessantly blinking cursor. Writer’s diarrhoea is when you have so many ideas you can’t stop scrawling them down.

Now, my poo story. A friend of mine has a nurse sister, who told her this story. There was this woman with really bad constipation. She took heaps of laxatives to try and pass a bowel movement, but it didn’t work. Eventually the nurse had to reach in and physically remove her poo. But the problem was that once she got the rock hard poos that were blocking progress, the floodgates were open to the rest of her poo, which had been rendered liquid due to all the laxatives she had taken. TL:DR the nurse got covered in explosive diarrhoea.

So that’s me. I have heaps of blog post ideas backed up. My blocker, if you will, is not having the time/energy to commit to writing any of them. Every time I sit down to write one, they all come gushing out. So I’m giving you a one-word abstract of each idea and I will leave you to comment on which one you would most like to read. Then that will be the one I will write.

Too many spoons. Some people say “that person has more dollars than sense” or “you have too much time on your hand: I have a problem with people who evidently have an excessive amount of spoons.

How does consent work? If “no means no” is not a complete model, then what is?

Faith misunderstandings. Deconstructing the idea that the Christian faith is all about following a set of rules in order to be saved, so that you can go to heaven.

The non-conversion agenda. There is a heavy emphasis in Christian circles on “witnessing” and converting, with implications that the converted person will then fit a mould that is eligible for church attendance, but is there a strong biblical basis for this idea?

Natural theology. For many, theology is an abstract idea that is often relegated to the ivory towers of bible college, but in reality most of us form our theology through living, so how does that happen?

Samuel. Looking at the story of Samuel to explore how God doesn’t care about worldly hierarchies the same way we do — even the ones God supposedly set up. (Based on a sermon I heard at my church a few weeks ago).

Please comment your preferences!


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