Thesis writing

I just finished writing the first draft on one of the chapters of my thesis. I wrote 6310 words. A bit of it was done on Friday afternoon, but the rest was all done yesterday and today. I think I need a weekend now!

It is hard to keep your writing interesting when you are saying the same thing over and over again, but just with different elements. I need about a million synonyms for the word “discuss” and its cousin “discussion”. I pressed shift+F7 and got some stellar Word suggestions: “thrash out”, “argue” “chat about”. Somehow I don’t think my supervisor would approve of me writing “In this section I will thrash out techniques for teaching suffixes.”

Writing the thesis is the most satisfying and also the most draining part of the process. It is satisfying because I feel like I’m actually moving closer to having a finished product, word by word. Whereas analysing data is just background work, and who knows if it will be useful. It also feels pretty good to be able to say “I wrote 6310 words in just over two days”.

I don’t know if they are even good words. But as one of my motivational postcard says, “You can’t edit a blank page”. I have sent them off to my supervisor for scrutiny.

I’m going to go spin some alpaca fleece now.


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