Wedding Blanket

Last weekend, we had the first wedding in the family. My older sister got married, and now her handsome husband is my first brother-in-law ❤

Happy Couple

Don’t they both look great? His pseudonym on this blog will henceforth be “The Gazelle”, because they did a reading from Song of Solomon that was something along these lines:

My beloved is like a gazelle or a young stag. Look! There he stands behind our wall, gazing through the windows, peering through the lattice.
 (Song of Solomon 2:9)

And the priest said, “Doesn’t he look like a dashing young gazelle?” He really did. Weddings are known for being all about the bride and how beautiful she looks and how she wants the day to go, but this was definitely a marriage of equals!

Anyway, on September 30th 2014, when my sister rang me  and said “I’M ENGAGED!” I immediately started making a blanket for their wedding present*. Well, I waited until after she had told me the story and hung up. A couple of weeks later the Bride (I can’t remember her pseudonym but this will last until the next person gets married. I reckon she’ll love it) asked me to crochet flowers for wedding favours. One for each guest. And how many guests? ONE HUNDRED AND SIXTY. I ended up making a hundred, and there were some left over. I made daffodils, daisies, roses and some that the pattern generically labelled “bloom”.

I would put some photos of the flowers here, but I forgot to take any photos! If you were at the wedding and you took a flower, could you please send me a photo??

Edited to add: A dear friend sent me this photo, one of the daffodil and one of the rose:

Wedding flowers

Wedding Blanket

So I took about a month off from making the blanket and didn’t start up again until November. Then it was full steam ahead! I made a middle square which was 9×9, so 81 squares, then I crocheted edging around that was the width of the individual granny squares, then another round of granny squares, then the long ends had a row each so it would cover a queen-sized bed, as pictured above!


And this is the happy couple cuddling under it. I gave them the blanket a couple of days before the wedding (apparently it’s traditional to give a gift early, and I wanted to see their faces when they saw it for the first time).

This is the biggest blanket project I have ever made (previously I’ve only made baby blankets and lap blankets). It took me, in working time, about two and a half months. Once I get up the energy I want to make another one.

Congratulations Bride and Gazelle! May this gift keep you warm through good times and bad.

*It was inspired by this one, which my sister heavily hinted at liking, days before she got engaged.


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