Street harassment sucks

This month I am doing Frocktober (in case you hadn’t heard). At the moment I have 8 days left and $841 left to raise if I am to meet my target of $1500. I am taking nominations to wear inappropriate dresses for $100 each. Check it out:

Also, I have a lot of things I want to blog about, but I studied really hard today and have run out of steam. So I am going to save those idea gems for a later T-day and leave you with this great video. Trigger warning for verbal and physical harassment:


2 thoughts on “Street harassment sucks

  1. I’ve often thought about making comments to a strangers on the street but then immediately thought better of it for pretty much all of the reasons she says – for example, how can the innocent recipient of any comment I make, however kind and well-intentioned, be assured that my intentions are entirely altruistic? I’m even circumspect when making comments to people who know me – with the exception of a comment I made to #3 yesterday morning which I meant kindly but which was not taken well. I would never make a comment whilst in a vehicle. If I see someone who looks vaguely familiar, I elect to smile, nod or simply say, “hello” in a ‘no-answer-required’ kind of way.

    • I sometimes want to compliment people on the street, but it would just be too awkward for them. Even though I don’t consider myself to be intimidating in stature.

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