Yet another project: Books I haven’t read

Day 20 Dress

A reminder that I am doing Frocktober this month, in which I wear a dress every day to raise awareness and support for research into ovarian cancer. Please check out my journey and donate if you feel inspired. There is currently no early detection test for ovarian cancer, which is what the researchers are trying to change.

Onto regular content:

This morning I went to The Front, my new uzj. I have been trying to be kind to myself, because I kept having stress meltdowns and they were interfering with my study time. One way I can look after myself is by taking myself out for morning tea.

I sat in the couch area, because it’s more social, and on a day when I’m at home studying by myself, it’s nice to have social interaction with someone other than my housemates. A woman who looked to be in her 30s or 40s ordered a takeaway coffee and then sat on the other couch and drank it. She tipped back her head and closed her eyes. She looked like she needed that coffee injected straight into her veins.

I stopped staring at her and went back to reading Apocalypse, a book by DH Lawrence that Cool Nerd loaned me. Then the barista changed the song and my neighbour protested. “I was getting into that!” she said. He simply shrugged with a nonchalant smile.

“They’re terrible around here, always changing the track just when you’re enjoying it,” I said, smiling back at the barista as he cleared some dishes from our shared coffee table. “Autocrats!”

“That’s how it should be!” he said.

“Coffee shop capitalists!” my neighbour shouted as the barista disappeared back into the kitchen. She turned to me, “I see you’re reading DH Lawrence. That’s a good one.”

“Yeah, it’s a commentary on Revelations, in the bible.”

She nodded. “This is a good one too,” she gestured to Catch 22 by Joseph Heller, which was sitting on the coffee table.

“Haven’t read it.”

“Have you read any Kurt Vonnegut?”

“Nup. There are so many on my list, so many books to read. I haven’t even read Animal Farm.”



“Oh my God.” Then she asked about an author I hadn’t even heard of.

“Who’s that?”

“He’s around the same time as Heller and Orwell. And all those books are coming back around too. It’s interesting to see what my housemate, who is younger than me, is reading.”

“I’ll get around to reading them,” I said.

Then my neighbour took her leave. I started to pack up my stuff as well. She popped her head back in. “Catcher in the Rye?”

“I’ve read that one. Whiny rich kid,” I got up and started to walk along the street with her. “And everyone goes on about it so much, it makes me hate it.”

“But the way it’s written is interesting.”

“That’s true. And it is a bit heartbreaking.”

Then we were parting ways so we said see ya again as I went off to where my bike was parked.

But coffee shop capitalist lady has inspired me to read all those classics that it is embarrassing not to have read. As if I don’t have enough to read, or enough projects going on!

I’ll keep reading my current volume, and I’ll also read the others pictured below.

Five white dudes should be enough to keep me busy!

Apocalypse, by DH Lawrence


Slaughterhouse-five, by Kurt Vonnegut


1984, by George Orwell


Brave New World, by Aldous Huxley


2 thoughts on “Yet another project: Books I haven’t read

  1. Brave New World is good to read in conjunction with Anthem by Ayn Rand. Also The Handmaid’s Tale. If you want to throw some female writers in there.
    I’ve never made it through 1984, I have read Animal Farm (during our year of me reading all the short books on the list!!)
    I’ve wanted to read Slaughterhouse-5 since someone told me it was alright, but I’ve never seen it on someone’s shelf to pinch or cheap in an op-shop.

  2. I’ve read both Brave New World and 1984.
    I would not recommend 1984 as it is extremely bleak and I have found it to be increasingly accurate in the way it describes the rewriting of history to suit the current paradigm. You would think in the internet (read: Google) age, that people would rally against the re-framing of history away from its original context, but it seems no-one cares a whit! My wife has hidden 1984 so I don’t read it again – she says it takes me months to recover.
    Brave New World was an interesting read. As I come from a world view that believes in a creator God (I’m not a creationist in the narrow sense, however), I found the humanistic endeavors and the diminution of sex to a physical act and solely for the purposes of either i) procreation (with the first partner/wife), or ii) physical pleasure/exercise (with subsequent partners), devoid of human intimacy to be particularly nihilistic and confronting to my values. (NB: I read it as a teenager)

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