“Up and Down” (more teen writing)

16-year-old Emmeline, all made up for the deb

Sometimes you go
Up and down you
Can’t seem to find
A balance
All the roads you
Travel along
Seem to be uphill

I want you to know
I admire you
I want you to see that
You are fantastic

Cry your eyes out
If you need to
I won’t tell you
Not to
When the day drags
On forever
Don’t forget I’m
Here for you
…just a phonecall away

See the wind and
Feel the beauty
Life must be worth
Living for
This one moment
Won’t be here soon
But we keep the

I wrote this in 2005, when I was 16. I can’t remember who I wrote it about. It’s embarrassingly cheesy but I’m sharing it anyway.

As I typed it out the words resonated with some deep memory, and I realised that it is song lyrics, not a poem as I had previously thought. The melody teased me at the edges of my consciousness but I couldn’t remember it enough to sing it. Reading it through again, though, it all came back to me. However, singing it for the internet goes beyond my shame threshold.


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