I hope you have a lot of bandwidth!

Here are some videos I have enjoyed recently. I was going to try and make a thematic video link-up, but then I was just like nahhh themes are for people who want a lot of hits.

This is coming up to two years old now but it’s Throwback Thursday and Julia Gillard totally kicks arse in this video:

My friend Jazlie made this awesome video, which everyone should watch:

Bryarly has a good perspective about money that isn’t talked about much:

Meghan Tonjes made a really great response to a problematic video on what “guys” look for in girls:

A bit of basic humanity:

Statutory rape is sometimes treated as a joke. Here’s how it’s not:

Do you have a vagina? Here are some ways to look after yourself:

This is another throwback Thursday one. Classic:

And a great poo story:


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