Share-housing Life

On Sunday afternoon the Lawyer was supposed to go to her moonlighting job at the local pub, but things were quiet there so her shift was cancelled. So she was flopping about the house overwhelmed sudden Given Time.

“Well, if we’re all home, maybe I’ll make that lasagne I was planning on making some time during the week,” I said.

“Yesss Lasagne!” Cool Nerd said.

“What do I dooooooo with myself?!?! I’m just going to annoy you, Cool Nerd,” the Lawyer said.

“No, don’t annoy me! I have to concentrate! I have a presentation to write for tomorrow,” Cool Nerd said.

“Well, if you want something to do, maybe you can make the lasagne and I’ll go for a bike ride,” I said. The Lawyer was kind of willing, but then I realised I wanted it made my way. “Nah I’ll make it.” So I went into the kitchen to get started, but it was a massive mess. Mount Dishes Overwhelming loomed and I couldn’t ignore it.

“Nah, I can’t. The kitchen’s a mess.”

“I’ll clean it, if you make lasagne!” Cool Nerd said. “Now you’ve suggested it, I really want lasagne. But I don’t have time to cook, I have to work on my presentation.”

And that is how I accidentally discovered the manipulative power of suggesting lasagne.

Cool Nerd polished the kitchen and I made a kick-arse lasagne. Lawyer made a salad to go with it [1]. My housemates are such appreciative eaters. As well as constantly exclaiming about how delicious it was, the experience was like a treasure hunt for them. They kept finding and announcing surprise ingredients. “Kale!” “Oh my God, sneaky olive!” “Mushroom!”

The Lawyer went and got seconds, and came back in saying, “This serving has eggplant! I’m so glad I went back for seconds because my first helping didn’t have eggplant!”

I tell you, it was very gratifying. I felt like joining in with the communal extolment: “PUMPKIN?! Shit I don’t remember putting that in!!”

Cooking in my sharehouse has such a pay-off for the amount of effort put in. You only have to cook two or three times a week, and everyday dishes reap a multitude of praise.

My veggie lasagne is pretty good though.


1. I always forget about salad. I just don’t really think it’s necessary for veggie lasagne. I think having a salad side is a hangover from meat lasagne, where you would need the veggies to balance out your meal.


One thought on “Share-housing Life

  1. I think every meal needs (or at least would like) a salad side. Lived in lots of share houses when we were younger and the shared cooking was such a buzz. Ate Indian vegetarian food for more than a year because people we were sharing with were ‘going to India’. Got so that only dishs coloured with tumeric were recognised as food. One of our housemates made a salad every night and whenever she cooked bread it ‘turned into’ fruit bread. So much fun and you get to experience things you would never have chosen yourself.

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