“Given Time” — a nostalgia post

This is a repost from my first ever blog. It was first published 18th October 2005.

“Life’s but a walking shadow, a poor player”

Do you ever get so busy that someone asks you to do something and you say ‘sorry… I really can’t, I have no time’?
Do you ever get ‘given time’?
Let me explain this concept of being given time. It’s not like giving time like that song that’s in the Wedding Singer where the freaky guy sings ‘give me time… to relax my pride’. It’s when you have something on, and then someone cancels, or you turn up and it’s not on, or for any reason within someone else’s control you suddenly have an extra hour or whatever.
This has been happening to me a lot lately. I was planning to go to Animal Farm on Saturday night, but my parents decided we wouldn’t, and so there you go! I was given a whole Saturday night! Not a very exciting one, as I live in [PLACENAME REDACTED], and I would have rathered seeing Animal Farm, but still, I was given time.
Then, on Sunday afternoon Sandy called me an said ‘hey, Molly’s being great, I don’t need you to come help me babysit’ so there you go! I was given an afternoon.
And last night. Band wasn’t on, so I was given half an evening, because I still had bible study to go to. But I turned up at 6pm, and was told it wasn’t on, because Sally and Rob were tired and stressed. Fair enough. I get given a whole evening!
The problem with given time is, what do you do with it? On Saturday night, I wasted a few hours on the net and then went to bed early (9:30 – i feel like a betrayal to teenagerhood!), but  felt guilty for wasting my given time. On Sunday afternoon I spent the given time procrastinating and then writing an essay, an using my given time like that was ok. On Monday I did homework, but I felt bad that that was pretty much all I did, as well as chat on the net a bit. At 9pm I got out my bible and started reading, as I felt I owed it to my given time to be spending bible study time, well, studying the bible I guess!
So this concept of given time is really messing with my head. I always feel bad about wasting time that has been given to me. But then, isn’t all time given time? I mean, I could die tomorrow and all that time would be taken away from me, so if it can be taken away, surely it will be given?
This is nuts!!
Please tell me what you think of given time.


  1. * Ryan says:

    hmm.well, i spoz if it can be taken it can be given… given from where though, i spoz thats the question… hmm. again i forget to click submit

    | Reply Posted 8 years, 9 months ago | Edit This

  2. * Rachel says:

    Given time is such a weird concept. I\’ve been getting given a lot of time recently too. And i agree, i sometimes feel i waste it. I end up sleeping a lot of time in my given time, or going on the net. When really i should be using it to so homework or read my bible. it sure is something to think about…

    | Reply Posted 8 years, 9 months ago | Edit This

  3. * holly says:

    krakey, you need to learn the location of the publish comment button.other than that… i always watse given time. it\’s when i laze around.

    | Reply Posted 8 years, 9 months ago | Edit This

  4. * Jocelyn says:

    You should go see “In her shoes” cos it is about sisters. And you are my sister.And it has Toni Collette in it and she is cool.

    | Reply Posted 8 years, 9 months ago | Edit This

  5. * Criss Frantic says:

    Indeed the lyrics ARE on the website, surprisingly enough, on the “Lyrics” page! Hehehehe who woulda thunk it?

    | Reply Posted 8 years, 9 months ago | Edit This

  6. * Bilee says:

    i hate wasting time also. that is why i hate sleeping. i mean, what do you do when you sleep? nothing. it is such a waste of time!!!

    | Reply Posted 8 years, 9 months ago | Edit This


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