Throwback Thursday: Teen Edition

2003 EmmThe following is a story I wrote in 2003, when I was 14. The only things I’ve changed from this handwritten looseleaf are the names:

Mrs. Emerson

We sat in the classroom, all twenty four of us waiting with bated breath.

“She’s coming” whispered someone. Sure enough, into the room stepped Mrs. Emerson.

Who will she be today? we wondered. nice Emerson or nasty? It all depended on how the previous year nine class had behaved. She may throw lots of lollies at us and tell us how much she loved us, or she may be the evil Emerson, and have us reduced to 24 quivering piles of jelly.

She bounced in. That is always a good sign. “Hello, class!” she said in a singsong voice. We all breathed a universal sigh of relief. “Today we are going to…” Mrs. Emerson broke off mid-sentence and stared at the back row of the classroom. “Nathan! Tim!”

Everyone turned in their seats to face the two scallywags, who were leaning casually in their seats. Suddenly, a cloud went over Mrs. Emerson’s face. Her eyebrows raised above her hairline and she hollered “IF YOU BOYS DON’T SIT PROPERLY YOU WILL BE FORCED TO SIT ON THE FLOOR FOR THE REST OF THE YEAR!”

The effect of this unexpected outburst was incredible. Several kids were whimpering; the two victims of attack were sitting up straight, utilising all four legs of their chairs.

There was a knock on the door, and then it opened Who was standing there but Mrs. Gardiner, an assistant princible.

“Good morning Mrs. Gardiner,” Mrs. Emerson said sweetly. The cloud had disapearred, and I imagined a halo over her head.

“Good morning, Mrs. Emerson replied Mrs. Gardiner. “Now I was here to speak to you about…”


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