“Everything’s new to them!”

So… since last I posted, I’ve moved to Canberra! I’m studying at ANU.

Today was my second day on campus, and by the time it got to 3pm, I just couldn’t handle any more newness. It was time for my coffee, as dictated by my (mental) to-do list. This sparked a mental argument.

But first, backstory: Yesterday I went to a cafe at ANU that boasted having the “best coffee on campus”. When I went in I realised that they use the same beans as ONA coffee in Manuka, which serves the “best coffee in Canberra”, as rated by my mother (her sample size was rather small though – only about four coffee places). And the coffee was good.

So when it was coffee time on campus today, my choices were A) Old faithful or B) Try something new.

B put in a good argument: “You don’t want to get ‘locked on’, and only ever go to one cafe.”

A rebutted: “There’s nothing wrong with a usjh[1].”

B: “You have to try new things! Different cafes!”

A: “I can’t handle anymore newness! Also why would I go anywhere else when I can go to the place with ‘the best coffee on campus’?”

B: “Fine. But you’re not sitting at the same table as yesterday!”

A: “No way. That would be super weird.”


Sometimes it’s hard to know when to push myself, and when to give myself a break by allowing myself the small comfort in going somewhere I’ve already been – a rare thing in a new city. But I’m still recovering from my illness and I promised myself I would take it easy. That includes not overstimulating myself unnecessarily.

So what was all the newness that tired me out so much? EVERYTHING! First I took a bus into the city for the first time, wandered around looking for the shopping centre. Then I had another go at the bus but I couldn’t find what I was looking for, so I just jumped on a random one that was heading North. This inevitably lead to more wandering around, but the good news is I stumbled upon Centrelink, where I’ve been meaning to visit.

Once I made it home after a very long walk, I had some downtime, and then it was off for more newness. My housemate took me to the food co-op at uni, where they sell restored bikes. I bought an awesome new (to me) bike. After that was when I had the coffee choice crisis.

But awaiting me after my comfort coffee was more newness: my first time meeting my supervisor. I was a bit foggy by this time. She didn’t give me a heap of new information, except, oh that’s right, introducing me to EVERYONE in the linguistics faculty!!! It was actually great, everyone was super friendly. Just overwhelming.

I half-rode, half-walked my new bike home and pretty much collapsed in a heap.

Then it was time to decide whether to risk the newness of a yoga class tomorrow morning. Mum talked me into it, so I’m going to go.

I’ll be right!

1. Short for usual, as in your usual cafe.


One thought on ““Everything’s new to them!”

  1. Having established, Sheldon Cooper like, which is the best seat/table in the café, why would you not sit there every time? Nothing weird about that! Instead of a specific seat, I have a ‘class’ of seat that I prefer at any given café. Last night in Avenel, I did not sit at the optimum seat, but tua madre was on my left and that is an important consideration (NB: Tua madre also has a seat fetish and will not be happy if she is in the ‘wrong’ seat. I learned very early on to defer to her seat selection.). By the way, if you want a pizza experience that rivals mine (the taste and quality of the pizzas) in every way other than price, then check out the b*** pizza café at Avenel. It seems like it’s half way to Nagambie across the railway line (Avenel is such a strangely laid-out town), but it’s worth it.

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