Link Round-up

Everyone else is doing it.

Christian stuff:

God has a body — but it’s not like mine.  Sarah Bessey reminds us something important.

On the massacre:

Laci Green and Neafcy have said everything I wanted to. Clementine Ford also adds to the discussion and Chuck Wendig gives #notallmen a kick up the bum. Also this anonymous person talks about the issue of scale.

Blast from the past (or at least, last year):

Chris Kendall rambles and makes me split my sides laughing. I’ve seen this at least five times.

New favourite band!

Candy Hearts reminds me of how I used to love pop punk and still do. Also I tweeted words to that effect @ her and she favourited my tweet. ❤

What I’m loving on Youtube:

Neafcy (again) is doing a series on sexism, which he is calling the Occupation of the Sexes. Peter Pan is a Total Fire Ban*. Emma Approved is into the Frank Churchill arc. Jane Eyre has finally reunited with Rochester. And Conversations With My Two-year-old is exploring the age-old problem of whether having a bum crack means you are broken.

What I linked to on Facebook recently:

The problem of thousands of Australians not having birth certificates. This short film highlights sexism through reversal. Here is a way to support asylum seekers.

And lastly, I am so excited about seeing this:


*Initialism swap-out. TFB stands for Total Fire Ban and also Total F*n Babe.


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