Small blessings

Today was a hard day. I’m not sure why. I didn’t have to deal with anything particularly challenging at work. But I was just in a despairing sort of mood. I got home and I wasn’t any better. Eventually I convinced myself to go to the shop and buy some things I needed to cook with. I decided that cooking would cheer me up.

Last night at bible study I prayed that God would surprise us with small things and remind us that there’s a bigger world out there. Like seeing dolphins at mission beach, which happened to me and a friend the other day.

I feel like that prayer was answered today when I was trudging up the hill towards the shop. I came to the bible translation centre and there was my friend, I’ve forgotten her pseudonym, sitting there with two Yolngu ladies I don’t know, sorting through mountains of second-hand clothes. It was a clearance sale, to raise money for the translation centre.

I don’t normally like shopping, but since I have been away from the shops for three and a half months, I have really started to get sick of my ten outfits and crave that new clothes feeling. When I do like shopping, second-hand clothes are the thing that get me excited.

Well. Translation Lady became my personal shopper/stylist. She found me a dress and a top, both with gorgeous floral patterns, and convinced me to buy a brown skirt to go with the top, even though I recently threw out one just like it. I also found this beautiful handsewn dress that looked like it was a few decades old at least.

I was just trying on clothes over my dress, and most of them fitted well even with the layers. The handsewn dress, though, was a bit smaller. I bought it even though it was too small for me. I figured it was too beautiful to lose, and maybe I’d give it away or sell it at a fancy second-hand store.

I bought all those items for $20 (it came to $19 but I was magnanamous) and left them there while I went to the shop. When I came back down to pick them up my Gurrung, who had just arrived, took over as clothes picker for me, and found a few I didn’t like, before finding one I did. So I went to buy that one as well, but the pricing Yolngu Lady said I could have it for free, because I’d already given enough!

When I got home I didn’t try on the clothes. Just about ten minutes ago, I thought, oh well maybe I should try on that small handsewn one.


I put it on, and it fits PERFECTLY.

I feel kind of silly to be so excited about a dress, but honestly it just feels like it was made for me. And yes, God will take care of the sparrows and He will dress me, and brighten up my day with these small blessings.

My new favourite dress

Please excuse the crappy webcam quality


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